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spazioSERRA's octagonal plan covers an area of ​​40 square meters. Its black steel skeleton marks the eight facades in twenty-two windows that open onto a white environment covered by a black pagoda roof. The pillars that support it, black on the outside, become white inside, to create a continuum with the white resin floor. The only coloured element is the ceiling, made of aluminum painted in blue, which hides the electrical systems and supports the lighting system, consisting of five neon lamps. During the day, however, the space is also illuminated by the large skylight located in a zenith position above the space. On one of the longest sides there is the entrance to spazioSERRA, in front of which stands a large reinforced concrete wall of 6 meters in length and 3 in height, which supports and hides a ladder. spazioSERRA is surrounded by a continuous floor made of aquamarine stoneware tiles.