spazioSERRA presents
un posto impossibile
call for artists 2022

spazioSERRA is pleased to announce the call for selection for the new 2022/2023 exhibition season, opening in October, in which we intend to address issues relating to the context's own characteristics; the complex system that identifies it and its conceptual value. The title "un posto impossibile" ("an impossible place") reflects the peculiar qualities of spazioSERRA, a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art, which presents itself as an extraneous element in relation to its unusual location: Milan's Lancetti railway station. 
The space is transformed from an object into a subject, through the vision of five artists/collectives called upon to experience the place, while at the same time studying and addressing the different audiences that inhabit the Milan Lancetti railway station.
In order to take part in the selection, it is necessary to submit the material listed in the announcement at the link below, according to the procedures described inside, by 19 June 2022.

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